Ear Protectors Hook Extension Pro+

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The Ear Protectors Hook Extension Pro+ was inspired and “Engineered For Function, Comfort and Fashion” For Medical and First Responder Professionals. 

Most of these professional heros find themselves working long shifts of 12 hours plus. The Face Mask can be very hard on the ears and head causing pain, pressure and discomfort. Our Ear Protectors Hook Extension Pro+ was designed to handle those points and concerns.

All Our Ear Protectors Hook ExtensionPro+ style ear savers have extra length added to the ear saver extension. 240 mm in length provides more comfort for the user and allows the user more adjustment options than other ear savers do on the market.

Ear Protectors Hook Extension Pro+ styles are made with D-Flex double soft silicone which allows the ear saver to conform to the back of the head easily and more comfortably. Our double soft silicone is not hard plastic or other harsh materials sometimes used to make ear savers. These can cause additional discomfort to the user defeating the purpose to start with. Our soft silicone adds comfort for long hours of wearing.

In addition to our soft silicone we have added six slots on both ends of the Pro and Pro+. allowing more adjustment options for even more comfort.

The Pro+ slots on both ends of the ear saver have been made wider so not only to accommodate medical face masks strings but straps used like cloth or elastic so they also can fit easier into the wider slots and reducing or eliminate straps coming out of the slots.

The Pro and Pro+ ear savers come in many different designs and colors. Giving the user many choices for fashion choices. From Southwest reversible pattern as well as Camo designs to an array of solid beautiful colors the user can pick from.

All Pro and Pro+ colors and designs are done in beautiful flat finishes. This is to avoid the slipping of the ear saver extension from finishes that have semi-gloss or high gloss oil bases. Even shinny plastic finishes can cause the ear saver to slip on the back of the head.


3.Extensive compatibility